Madison Tyrell 

Born in Vancouver, BC

Lives in Kingston, ON

I am searching how to represent space and the humans place in it. This simple idea can be deconstructed to the fabric of nature. Space is not always seen, however, our existence is suspended in all parts of it. My goal is to act as the primary viewer as I paint, creating interactions and exploration of space using a variety of imagery and techniques. I am trying to find the line where not a lot is said, but just enough is to take the imagination somewhere.

I am using landscapes and juxtaposing line to create and suggest a new occupation of space. This idea is more metaphysical. I have is less interest in the concrete and more intrigue for the exploration of deconstruction and juxtaposition.

My goal is to create an investigation of the mundane, the unseen and the forgotten and its place in our existence. I hope for the viewer to come to his own conclusion, drawing his own story in the mind.

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